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Nalla - Cinematographer, Director & Producer

Nalla is a freelance cinematographer, director and producer since 1987. In a twenty year long career he had the opportunity to shoot feature films, documentaries, news, corporate films and TV shows. During this time Nalla has had the pleasure and privilege of working with some of the industrys best directors and networks including the BBC, Channel 4, Discovery International among others. As an expert Hi Definition and Hi speed cinematographer he has travelled across the world and his work has received both national and international acclaim.

Nalla has dedicated the last five years of his life filming in Indias forests. His passion for the Royal Bengal Tiger has translated into two international documentaries which he has produced, filmed and directed. His first film, Tiger Queen highlights the power struggle in a family of tigers and was broadcast on National Geographic Wild and Animal Planet. His second film Tiger Dynasty for the BBC and Animal Planet portrays India’s first ever scientific translocation of tigers.

Known for his dramatic cinematography and keen eye for detail, Nalla is counted among the best cinematographers in India. His ability to add a theatrical touch to factual story-telling has captured the attention of producers and networks worldwide. His technical skills combined with a poetic visual style have won him the prestigious Indian National Film Award for Best Cinematography in 2012.

Nalla fascination for beautiful visuals and his compassion for wildlife have resulted in him spending most of his time in the forests in India searching for unique characters and stories. Through his films, Nalla hopes to bring to life every second of the raging the struggle for survival that persists in the unpredictable wild and give conservation a fresh perspective.

Apart from wildlife Nalla is always keen to partake in a fresh concept, visual story or technical challenge.

Anvita Adeshra - Business Head

Anvita started her career as Producer at the Development & Educational Communication Unit (DECU) of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Ahmadabad. She travelled across India, shooting films on social and cultural issues and was actively involved in training and awareness modules conducted by DECU. It was at ISRO that Anvita met her husband, Nalla and together they started Grey Films.

Currently Anvita is the Business Head for the company and leads Grey’s operations, research and development division. A Masters in Development Communication, Anvita is pivotal to executing Grey’s educational and cultural programming. As the Business Head of the company she channels Grey’s international promotions and networking.

Above her managerial skills and business acumen, Anvita has a keen interest in factual content and oversees primary and secondary research for Grey’s life-inspired programmes. Her knack for content has resulted in Grey partnering with Natural Unit History India ( an online archive that offers over 1000 hours of footage of all things Indian.

What we do

Grey Films India Private Limited is one of India's most successful independent production houses, prolific across a broad range of genres in feature films, documentaries and television broadcast programming, including environment and wildlife adventure, culture, history, science and technology. Based in New Delhi, the company was started in May 2002 by Director/Cinematographer, Nalla. Since then Grey Films has built a track record for itself in the entertainment world with a our combined experience of over two decades in fiction and factual programming.

We offer a comprehensive range of services to national and international broadcasters, production companies and advertising agencies. Through experience, innovation and creativity our aim is to set standards for cinematography and production services in accordance with internationally accepted practices.

Lately we have focused our creative abilities in the sphere of wildlife and environment and our commitment to conservation has translated in the production of two films broadcast on BBC, National Geographic and Animal Planet.

High Definition (HD) is the revolution in resolution and we at Grey Films are proud to be one of the pioneers of HD cinematography in India. There is no doubt that HD is here to stay. Integrating it into our work is essential and we want to be among the documentary pioneers known for doing HD well in Asia.


Grey Films aims to open up to global market by leading India's endeavour for growth in entertainment and services. Ours is a proven ability to offer international quality production processes and services to national and international broadcasters and production companies. Our team leverages its experience and capabilities to make this process possible and has a tangible track record in this domain.

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-Television Programming & Production
-Cinematography on HD, Film & Video
-Line Production
-Location Scouting
-Concepts & Content
-Technical Support
-Post Production & Allied Services
-Stock Footage & Images


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