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NHUI works exclusively of wild life programming showcasing the stunning wild diversity of India's forests





Clash of tigers

NatGeoChannel 1x 44 min: Production, Direction & Cinematography A tiger mother called Krishna faces unusual challenges while raising her family of 4 cubs in the Ranthambhore National Park of Western India.

The Worlds Most Famous Tiger

NatGeoChannel 1x 44 min: Production, Direction & Cinematography This is the story of the legendary tigress Machli, queen of the Ranthambore Fort and lake area of Rajasthan, India documenting her from her prime to her death.

Tiger Revenge

NGCWILD 1 X 60 min: Production, Direction & Cinematography A tiger tale unlike no other exploring ambition, betrayal and inordinate revenge that unfolds in the depths of Indias forests

Life Force II –India Section

NHNZ, NHK, CCTV9, Discovery, Arte : Production & Cinematography Life Force II delves into the science and mystery of evolution and unravels the stories of how and why animals in six extraordinary environments evolved to be so strange and unique.

Tiger Experiment / Planet E

ZDF, Germany:: Production & Cinematography A film showcasing the success story of re-introducing orphan tiger cubs to the wild

Tiger Dynasty

BBC Natural History Unit & Animal Planet 1 x 50 min(HD): Direction & Cinematography An intimate story of the young tigress Baghani and the challenging journey she undertakes to reclaim lost tiger territory and begin a new dynasty in Sariska National Park which lost all its tigers to poachers.

Tiger Queen

National Geographic Channel International (1× 60)(HD) Co production: Direction, Cinematography A theatrical tale of power and rivalry where a daughter fights her siblings and her mother for attaining territorial supremacy. The ambitious young tigress seeks to defeat the reigning queen of Ranthambore, her mother.


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